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Happy 34th Birthday!

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The Most Epic Oscar Selfie In History

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Happy 92th Birthday Betty Marion White

"Vodka is kind of a hobby"

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Screen Cap Meme | Saturday Night Live | Kristen Wiig

Anchorman 2, [x]

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Criminal Minds Gif Challenge | [2/6 brotps]

↪ Spencer/Derek

Spencer: You should have listened to me.
Derek: It wouldn’t have saved that much time, Reid. Let it go.
Spencer: The interchange between the 405 and the 101 freeways is consistently rated the worst interchange in the entire world.
Derek: Why do you know that?
Spencer: It’s a government report.
Derek: So what?
Spencer: So, you work for the government. What, you don’t read the reports?
Derek: On traffic patterns in a city 2,500 miles from where I live?
Spencer: 2,295 miles.
Derek: Don’t make me smack you in front of all these people.

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I'm a big fan of doing the robot in times of celebration. 8th grade Glow Stick champion. Love is louder.Brittany Snow



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